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01-09-2012, 09:33 AM
First things first. To resist Tractors, you need either Polarize Hull (Science) or Attack Pattern Omega (Tactical). For the shield panel problem, Tactical Team will put most of your shield energy where it is needed (On that one shield that's getting pounded).

Looks to me like you have a pretty solid setup for tanking already. I might suggest you get Beam - Fire At Will, and Beam - Overload. FAW will help to get the bad guys off of others, and onto you (And with as many shield boosts as you have, you should do alright). And overload does a fair amount of damage.

If you're interested in tanking...

Reverse Shield Polarity is another amazing skill that, when used properly, can regenerate ALL of your shields to 100%. Combine that with Feedback Pulse, and you're got a hell of a weapon.

Okay, so I suggest you obtain Ablative Hull Armor, and Tetraburnium Hull (Both Engineering consoles). They provide excellent damage resistance against all six damage types, and the two together provide double resistance to Plasma (Borg) and Tetryon damage.

Others will have more suggestions, I'm sure.

For engines, with a power level that high, the engines that are 'Efficient at High Power' will be most beneficial to you.