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01-09-2012, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by ronnie42 View Post
So basically I can't use normal missions, do some missions myself? Just curious because at moment tend to end up waiting for 'Red alerts' till I figure out which missions are worth doing. Sometimes make a rookie character do while waiting, well prefer to be getting my main character maxed out but there's so little to do so was wondering if there was alternate ways to rank up.
currently the only mission XP you could get for commendations was running Jiro's missions to get to be an ambassador. but since they alterted the XP needed for the ambassador stuff, and keeping jiro's missions the same diplo XP (10) currently the only Really useful way is through the missions yes. if the change jiro's missions to give out XP equivilant to the DOFF missions you could have an alternative way of doing the Diplomatic tier commendations.