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01-09-2012, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by Beef View Post
Im afraid i cannot change my engines because it will break up my aegis set; those reactive shields are the only thing made the klingons curse their guts out! I think the aegis engine IS efficient at high power levels.

Getting phasers: fire at will would be unwise because im using mostly cannons and turrets and a single beam array for killing heavy torpedoes. Plus my tactical slots are highly limited, i can only hold 2 powers.

Ablative and tetraburnium is really an excelent idea! I'll also add 2 shield generators to give a 70% boost!
If your main goal is to be a tank, you will need tactical team. No way around that. Without it, your shield facing will melt in an alpha strike. You will need to decide then if you are going to keep rapid fire or high yield torpedo. If you're main goal is to be DPS, then you are in the wrong ship. The fact that you keep your weapon power at 74 says that you are not mainly after DPS. So don't sweat about losing a tactical ability. If you're going to be a tank, then BE a tank. Get tactical team, and use it to rebalance your shields during combat.

You cannot stack shield generators. Your max shield capacity will only increase 35% no matter how many you use.