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01-09-2012, 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by Wolfpack-NZ
The Caitian "Pounce" Should be more like the attack of the Ravagers on the KDF missions, it's far more a pounce then Lunge 3 with a slightly higher damage, it really is a pitiful skill in it's present form and I remember voicing this when the Caitians came out...
Oooh! You are right the Ravagers DO pounce on targets. Thanks, that is a nice call. Yes, please steal their animation for it.

Originally Posted by Quark_Kent View Post
My main would appreciate this very much. Some sort of feline all-fours screaming carnivore animation, barrelling into the target's chest and knocking them square on their butt. And turn up the roaring sound effect on it, please.

This is big humanoid apex predators going all bloodthirsty on their melee opponents, not effing pro wrestling.
There is a roar sound?... Wow... That sucks... I have not heard that once.