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01-09-2012, 11:17 AM
It's very clear to me that Cryptic seeks to have many windows (Game Titles) and much window-dressing (Game Mechanics and Systems) that basically sell the exact same thing (Utilizing the same engine for different game titles) over and over again.

While I can appreciate this conceptually both from the Engineering and Business points of view and find the approach working well and being fresh and entertaining in certain titles (City of Heroes, Champions Online). I must say that for Star Trek Online this approach is a disappointment to the franchise.

I don't know how NeverWinter Online will do, but I for one am not interested in finding out, mostly because I've lost my appetite for fantasy-based games (i.e. Tolkien style fantasy) but also because I've lost my hopes that Cryptic will rise as a story-teller and supporter of roleplaying in MMO's.

Thank you for your honesty though, Mr D'Angelo.