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01-09-2012, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by Beef View Post
Interesting... does the same apply to emergency forcefields? I can't stack those too?
I think most other consoles CAN stack, although you may get diminishing returns.

Originally Posted by Beef View Post
All this time you say Get tactical team, get "this", get "that".... i presume you're refering to getting the apropriate bridge officers that have those abilities?
Sorry, my bad. Tactical team is a bridge officer ability, not a console. Rank 1 is all you need, although you can almost chain them if you have 2 copies (TT1 and TT2). I tested a healboat/tank build with tac team 1 and 2 in my ENG/Star cruiser against a few fleeties in a private match, and it works very well. I did a 3 vs 1 and they were not able to kill me. Of course, I had a hard time killing them too. Came close a few times on killing the escort, but he would run away each time.