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01-09-2012, 02:39 PM
Originally Posted by Sprint01
A member of the Cryptic Dev team caught with his foot in his mouth? Perish the thought. Sounds like a typical day in Washington around here.
Let me help you with that.

Originally Posted by TFR_MACO_Specialist
Originally Posted by sdangelo
I'm not sure where some people got the impression that the STO team was staffed up

from Stoked:

Quote: "We are going to be significantly staffing the team up going forward" End Quote
Our non-native speakers are obviously forgiven for this mistake, but some of you should know better. Let me explain.

"staffing up". This indicates they are in the process of staffing, but are not complete yet.

"staffed up". This indicates they are finished staffing up, and there is nothing else they need to add.

Staffing up /= Staffed up. It's not double talk, it's basic English.

Granted, it seems fishy that he can say "staffing" some time ago and still not be "staffed" by now. He even mentioned losing people in key areas, which is concerning. Kinda seems like the opposite going on, doesn't it? Of course without a list of folks who were hired and/or fired during the intervening period, we can't say for sure what the situation is. Only someone inside could do that. Like sdeangelo. Who, coincidentally, just recently did tell us what the situation is. Except some people refuse to believe him. Which is their choice I suppose.