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01-09-2012, 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by Jexsam View Post
Let me help you with that.

Our non-native speakers are obviously forgiven for this mistake, but some of you should know better. Let me explain.

"staffing up". This indicates they are in the process of staffing, but are not complete yet.

"staffed up". This indicates they are finished staffing up, and there is nothing else they need to add.

Staffing up /= Staffed up. It's not double talk, it's basic English.

Granted, it seems fishy that he can say "staffing" some time ago and still not be "staffed" by now. He even mentioned losing people in key areas, which is concerning. Kinda seems like the opposite going on, doesn't it? Of course without a list of folks who were hired and/or fired during the intervening period, we can't say for sure what the situation is. Only someone inside could do that. Like sdeangelo. Who, coincidentally, just recently did tell us what the situation is. Except some people refuse to believe him. Which is their choice I suppose.
Jexsam, may I ask if you have actually watched the STOked 100 interview?

The problem is not that if you split hairs fine enough, it is possible to make a case that Mr. D'Angelo didn't actually quite tell an outright bald faced lie.

The problem is that it is very frustrating and angering for him to make the claims in his post that he just can't possibly imagine where anybody even might have gotten these ideas from, when in fact one of the biggest places these ideas came from was that by his own words and body language in the STOked interview it can be very easily understood how someone may have gotten exactly those impressions.

It seems pretty obvious that if he says he has hired some new people, and then some other new people show up on the forums, that people might get the idea that the staff was now larger than it used to be.

If he says that Dan's plan is 'great', and that with only 'minor' adjustments he is going to 'roll with that' and then you look at the window of time in which the previous FE were released, and you look at the parts of Dan's plan that are right there in the Engineering Reports (more FE, not less) it seems pretty obvious where people might have gotten the idea that we would have more than 2 or 3 FE series in 2012.

Now some people who got these ideas might not have gotten some of them if they had paid super close attention to every single little word that Mr. D'Angelo said.

But it seems pretty obvious to me that Mr. D'Angelo's own words and attitude in the STOked interview might have contributed to some people getting these ideas. It seems pretty obvious that certain facts which can be easily seen by reading the forums (Engineering Reports, presence of new Cryptic employees who came on board after the STOked interview, FE release dates -- I mean it is fair to assume that Mr. D'Angelo knows that the Engineering Reports, previously released FE series, and new employees are there, right?) might have contributed to some people getting these ideas.

Given the above it is pretty hard to understand how someone can come away from Mr. D'Angelo's recent posts with the sense of being really confident about believing anything Mr. D'Angelo has to say.

So, just my opinion I guess, but when Mr. D'Angelo says basically that he has no idea where anyone could have possibly gotten these ideas and pretty much denies that anything he might have said might have had anything to do with it and he pretty much makes it sound like people just made stuff up with no basis in reality at all, it's pretty hard to respond to that by saying, "Wow, thank you for giving us your honesty and respect."