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# 1 STFs and torpedoes
01-09-2012, 04:02 PM
I noticed 'according to the tooltip' at least that the STF torps do a flat +1000 against borg. Presumably that is not a chance, or it would say so, but a flat damage.

Now, if that is the case presumably also then, the faster the RoF the greater influence this has. Anyone got any detail. Is that actually how it works?

Sceondly. I am wondering about shoving a second torp up front for STFs and maintaining a more steady RoF. This comes to mind in conjuction with the proposed changes to the Honour Guard set. I spent a lot of time getting it and seeing as it will benefot torps more maybe I should push that angle

So, similarly, any tips on a 2x2 torp/gun ratio up front? My insticts tell me that it is a bad option but would like to hear from those that may use it.