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01-09-2012, 04:15 PM
Shield Emitter consoles (Science) are by far the most useful for any given ship except for a Science Captain. The better emitters give your shield heals extra oomph.

As for you using cannons, personally, I'd have at most two cannons on the front (Since you can't equip duals). With your horrid turn rate in a cruiser (RCS Accelerators help, considerably), cannons are difficult to bring to bear (Point at enemy). Beam Arrays are generally better for cruisers, because the primary function of a cruiser is to take damage, not necessarily deal it. Fire At Will and Overload are good ways to get the enemy to fire at you, and you need to keep the enemy off of the escorts, so that they can sit in one place, and keep all of their weapons firing.

As for the Aegis set, after having looked it up again, it is a good engine for High Power levels (Anything over 50, I'd guess). If you're going to lower your engine power setting in the future, I'd recommend having an 'Efficient at low power' engine sitting around for you to use.

And don't underestimate the power of Beam Overload, combined with Quantum Torpedoes. Done correctly against a small ship, Overload III and High Yield III can take out the smaller targets in a single salvo (For informational purposes, the definition of 'Salvo' is "Firing two or more weapons at one time," while Alpha Strike means to "Fire all weapons at one time") And I'd also recommend going entirely beams, or entirely cannons/turrets. The reason being that turrets also benefit from the cannon abilities (Rapid Fire, and the Cone fire ability {the name escapes me at the moment}) So you don't want to have to split between cannons and/or beams, if you can help it.

And if anyone else sees something incorrect about my information, please point it out. I want to know if I am wrong.