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01-09-2012, 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by Bhuark View Post
After 19 days, my ticket's were updated.
On Jan. 4th, I was sent a message of my ticket being updated. I was told that I could have a roll-back to December 16th, 2011...and that I would need to provide the character names involved in a ticket edit.
I guess this just "Happened" as the ticket is now closed and I can not edit the ticket.
Whether the rollback occurred or not, I can't tell, as all the items are still gone.
As I can't get any follow-up, through the means provided in game, I will solicit some advice from the forums again.

SOAPBOX: Other than that, I feel stymied by support. The GM took the appropriate action in forwarding my request, but then I get some confusing messages and instructions from the "next tier" ( like editing a ticket that can not be edited ) with a pretty ineffectual answer to the problem.
I'm patently beginning to believe ( based on this and other reported problems from trolling forums and listening to friends/contacts ) that lifetime members get sub-standard support compared to month-to-month subscribers. This saddens me, not because I feel cheated, but because I really enjoyed STO. However, when two years of progress melt away, its a little daunting to give a ringing endorsement of the game, at least on the support side.
You problem was weel beyond the pay grade of a GM to fix. Typically for issues like that it required someone in the 3rd tier of support which means developers and/or DBAs. They have to pull all of your characters from their back ups, perform any data updates (for system updates and patches), and they replace your game data with the backup data w/o loosing anything ot munging up the game database. People may mock te analogy, but it's akin to doing surgery. It's hard to do and very easy to mess something up.