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01-09-2012, 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by AviKerensky View Post
Shield Emitter consoles (Engineering) are by far the most useful for any given ship except for a Science Captain. The better emitters give your shield heals extra oomph.
I would say that this depends on the type of shield you are using. Shield emitters console (engineering) increases your shield regeneration rate. I'm not sure if it actually increases your shield heals. It works better with Regenerative shields (like the borg shields) than it does with covariants (like the Aegis). The mark XI rare will increase regen rate by 13% (not sure if this is changed with season 5). So some quick math:

Aegis shield regen is 131. A 13% increase is 17, to make new regen of 148 every 6 seconds.

Borg shield regen is 273. A 13% increase is 35, to make a new regen rate of 308 every 6 seconds.

I think you get more benefit with this console if you are using a regenerative shield.

Or are you talking about the Science console that buffs shield emitter skill?