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# 1 suggestions on build
01-09-2012, 05:53 PM
hey guys, please some feedback


all purple gear.

3xdhc mark 11
1x quantum

aegis shield
aegis deflector
aegis engine

two turrets
transphasic cluster torpedo

tac consoles: 4 of the 26% boost.
sci: cloaking // borg sci console
eng: capacitance cell // resist mod // 35% shield mod

device: subspace field mod, engine battery

specced all 9's in weapons, starship projectile spec 7 points. no points in energy weapon spec. Should I?
targeting/defense/impulse thrusters full. shields full. engine performance high. Hull plating full, armor reinforcements 6 points.

Only skill i regret is the energy weapons spec, for more criticals more often and higher in damage, but its energy weapons not torpedoes, so their criticals dont reach that high right? But they are the shield strippers of a build since torps cant do it...they fire a lot too which means more chance, what you guys think?

bo layout

cmdr tac THY1 // APB // CRF 2// CRF3


Ensign Tac
Torp Spread


SCI: ST:1 // HE2

my reserve BO's

I have a tac for crowd control with torp spread 2 and CSV 3.

reserve sci: PH // HE2

reserve ENG: EPtS 1 + 2

thanks guys!