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01-09-2012, 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by Cowbert View Post
So Dstahl is still promising us the moon (just about everything Dstahl talked about in 2011 that's not been reverified by D'Angelo should be thrown out the window as not realistically happening) even though the team clearly couldn't deliver and you're blaming D'Angelo for being conservative? Did you even understand the part where ZeroniusRex projects that it takes 5weeks to produce an FE arc and a total of 3months production time to get an FE set deployment-ready? Or the fact that to launch the 3 FEs in the timeframe they did they were still doing rebuilds of the Romulan missions up to the hour before deployment of that FE? Zero outright says "this was an experience we did not want to repeat". Even CapnLogan most recently has reiterated that when Dstahl was proclaiming the game's upcoming treasures, the team got flamed for being unable to deliver, and now you are flaming D'Angelo because he's trying to be a realist? There is no pleasing you at all here is there? Also please take a look at the crypticstudios and pwe jobs board before you spout off on whether or not they are trying to hire. According to Fark, even QA staff is down 1/3 of what they need for STO. Get Some facts first then come back</Calhoun>
As i think over this topic some more, and just in case you might be firmly rooted in the opinion that im totally anti-cryptic, im not. As of now it seems im expecting 2 FE's by years end as well as some unknown quantity of "events", so be it.

However if this doesnt happen ill be forced to come to my original assessment of cryptics PR, and more to the point, honesty vs. deception.

I actually prefer the new skilltree system, and i can promise you i still occasionally support the IP and game i love with my wallet in the C-Store. I am also a lifetime sub.

Cryptic has a bad history of promising things they dont deliver and thats my point, and this history needs to be corrected. If and when they do this i too will don rose colored glasses, or perhaps not, as i wont need to anyway.

There are many things about STO i like, i just wish they weren't the same things i liked "eleven months ago", and not more recently, the DOFF system is "ok", but it isnt great new storyline playable content. Weve had enough quick fixes.

I want to see F2P funds and C-Store funds returned into the development of "STO", not somewhere else.

~Thank you~