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01-09-2012, 07:19 PM
first off you need to be an eng to get the best out of the carrier. use all beams no torps or mines. the set you have now is good.

for powers it should go like this.

tac-TT1,APB1,and FAW3

eng-ET1, the next should be the small hull heal sry i forgot the name,EPTS3


sic-JS1,TSS2,HE3, and FBP3

this is a setup that will let you tank,suport,and fight all at the same time. power levels shout have about 100 attack 50 shields and then aux. go heavy in the eng skill tree and get the 2 shield skills in the sci tree.

for gear the eng stuff should be armor that both have hull and shield resist and you should have 2 of them with the +35% shield boost. tac should be to boost your beam attacks and sic dose not matter. use fighters.

with this setup your pets should not even make half your damage. targets in pvp will go for the fighters first but you will have so much damage on your own that going for the fighters is what you wont them to do. never think of the carrier as suport, you are not suport. you should at the end of a match have the best healing, the lest amount of deaths, and the most damage. and with this its easy.