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at first thought it was my isp doing mainteince since it was ealry in morning. after 10am and it was still doing it i got suspcious so i tried another online game played for 2 hours np. go back to sto and it d/c my internet within 5min of play. since then ie got it to work somewhat bu normaly not more than a hour.

for those having it d/c u when playing check and see if its causing your entier internet for your household to reset.ive already submited a ticket for it just waiting on reply.

only thing i can think that would cause it to completly reset a households internet is if its using some type of peer2peer software in it.for me the d/c slowed down once i disabled the on demand downloading in laucher and did full install but its still doing it. just not as often.

sigh wait a week and what does costomer service give me a generic past about disabling on demand patching nd such which i had told them i had did in my ticket.

guess ill give them 3 more days if not then ill guess ill uninstall it no use having a game i can only play 10min at most at a time before it forces my total internet to drop. would love to play but no reason should take a week for costomer support to give me a copy past answer without even reading all the info i gave them about the problem.

boo and i was planing to buy a few ships from c store also