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I just finished playing "Fluid Balance" (something like that) this morning, after already enduring a strange bug in another Undine Episode (corridor disappearing leaving me to fall through space a good distance, before just dancing like a puppet). When the corridor magically was there for the replay it took running to the end of the station top find that the final objective was back where I beamed in. Rnning, lots of running with quick, simple combat.
Searching for the correct Portal was just a long-winded affair with loads of toing and froing. Protecting the Gekli on the way out was the usual fight Undine ships in increasing order of difficulty. At VA 50 level the only 'rewards' dropped by destroyed vessels were batteries (engine, auxiliary etc). On top of that the reward for completing the Episode was for a console with little value to me and not a lot for the Exchange/Sale to Trader.
No imagination to the Episodes so far, and little if any incentive to play them. I'll complete them just so that they are, well completed but there's no real fun in doing so. Just hurry through the objectives as quickly as possible and get out with minimum time spent.
Honestly, if the PVE events and the Borg Invasions weren't there, there would be nothing but repeating Daily's and playing Forge Missions (some of which are quite brilliant and imaginative).
The visual were good, though.

Episodes need some creative writing with a good dollop of "fun factor". Otherwise they are just "work" with no real reward.