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01-09-2012, 10:45 PM
Originally Posted by Quark_Kent View Post
I am hearing-impaired (among my many health issues), and at least when Caitian boffs were rolled out to the C-Store, my wife *swore* that she could hear a leonine roaring sound whenever a Caitian on screen pounced (so long as the speakers were turned up). I've heard it faintly a handful of times, and some of my fleetmates reported hearing it, too, once I told them about it.

I do not know if the roar is still there, but IMO it *should* be. Along with a really boss animation, too.
Wow... I can baaaaaaaaaaarely hear it... It is VERY VERY faint... But I think your wife is right.

I use it here to close in on my second target: M'rrari Vs. the Borg with a Pounce.