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01-09-2012, 10:49 PM
Originally Posted by Searcher-Soldier
Cowbert, may I ask if you have watched D'Angelo's interview in STOked 100?
Yes. Of course I watched last month, so in hindsight it did not provide very much information and did not contain anything that doesn't mesh with the current state of things. The STOked D'Angelo interview was conducted right at the end of the DStahl departure transition, so it is more than likely the review of post-PWE acquisition short-term roadmap was still ongoing/being finalized, particularly in regards to setting specific feature-based (as opposed to code-maintenance/QA/bug fix) action items and their deliverable schedules. A month after this particular interview was when the F2P release date was publicized. An interesting question to ask though, is who decided on the release date and why. If the F2P launch date was a deal between CBS Consumer Products and Cryptic/PWE marketing people to capitalize on the 17/01 date then at the staffing levels D'Angelo had at the time, he would have been stuck in the exact same position he was in getting STO 1.0 out the door for Feb 2010 launch.

Of all the people who keep saying "SO and So lied, blah blah blah," lets have a management-level ice breaker:

Who here has managed a project team of 3 or larger direct reports in a division/SKU/brand consisting of 30+ people in a tech/IT/software/game company (Lead-level manager)? Raise your hands.

Who here has managed a team of 6 or larger in total with at least 2 direct reports who have their own direct reports in a company in this industry and size? (AP level manager)

Who here has managed an entire division/SKU/brand or primary product (30+ people) in this kind of company? (EP level manager)

Who here has held a C-level position in a tech/IT/software/game company with 60+ people?

Question: From the time the need has been established (deliverable/release dates), how long should/does it take for you to hire 2-3 people in a project/department of 6*, given the constraints of your hiring budget as compared to the majority of the tech industry HQs located within 20 miles of your company?

HR and Management is hard, lets go expense our lunches.

*this data comes from me having been told that STO QA's department is supposed have at least 6 on the org chart and they were missing 1/3 of their contingent as of Nov 2011.