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01-09-2012, 11:23 PM
Originally Posted by Koppenflak
I suppose if you think about it, it makes an element of sense to keep a population of characters that were built *for* the test server, as it lets them trouble shoot the current builds more effectively based on a completely isolated, build-specific data.

Copying characters from the main server might bring with it 'legacy' issues from Pre-F2P, depending on what those characters have done over their lifetimes.

...Of course, I'm talking out my butt here to some extent. Just speculating.
Yeah I think this was done to allow the continuation of the two primary testing modes:

The first kind of testing is "middle-end" testing: testing of new-new features such as differences you see during progression or level-locked differences; testing character progression, mission playthroughs, etc.. The second kind of testing is sort of end-user testing: as in I want to see what effect changing [foo] has on my character; this is the one where you take your holodeck build and import it into tribble so you can take advaantage of cheap respecs and other things.