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01-10-2012, 01:32 AM
I'll do my best to be there!

Originally Posted by PWE_BranFlakes
Please join the REDALERT channel to see any communication/ instructions from myself.
PWE_BranFlakes as feedback to the event threads you're posting, I would like to suggest a small change in text quoted above which you can copy and paste for future use if you wish to do so.

In game please press Esc, click Chat Settings, Channels tab and type REDALERT to join the EVENT discussion channel to see any communication / instructions from myself.

To everyone else, please note that when STF events are NOT active, the primary channel to use (that I'm aware of) is the EliteSTF channel used to pick up experienced groups (PUEG) for STF runs, which was not created by me or moderated by me, only recommended by me.