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01-10-2012, 02:09 AM
apo = immune to stun? cant remember.

what about science team to remove debuffs? Nah need?

also none of you commented on whether or not to put points in energy weapon spec.

thanks alot for the feedback then! keep it coming!
I don't think it's needed. If you get subnuked or scrambled, it sucks, and you may have to retreat if you can't rely on enough support. But at least scramble was always the bigger issue for healers, and subnuke will blunt your alpha strike with or without ST, the only deal is the extra time it takes till you can do your next alpha, but that's not that long, and weaken you defensively. And even with ST, you're at least 15 seconds away from your next defensive buff. Which means you're either dead, 30 km away, or supported by allies with or without ST. It is different for Cruisers and SVs, because they can't run as easily, and they provide support to others, which relies on high availability of their buffs.

Of course, having ST is great to support fellow Cruiser and Science Vessel Captains. So it can't hurt to have a BO with ST as well and switch out when you find that your team need it. Or your team is build on the idea of Escorts providing the occassional ST. (IN which case, youc an also rely more on their support in cases were you'd miss a TSS or HE.)