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01-10-2012, 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by BrokenMirror
Devs finally started giving us stuff that will lead to exploits. Honestly tho... MOST missions in this game are in a one player enviornment. Who cares if i can do a mission faster then intended. Who cares if i acedentaly trap myself cause im going too fast. Its my fault for doing this in a private area, It isnt like im going so fast, all the other players are suffering. Same with the TR116, i screw up a mission by killing the boss Early, again, Private instance! id say just disable the "Through Walls" feature in any area with mulytiple ppl (Deferi Invasion, but thats really the only open zone combat ingame... Not pvp related)
The 'Through Walls' feature of the TR-116 is already partially disabled, as this feature only works in RPG mode...