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01-10-2012, 01:09 PM
Believe me, I tell you from experience that a tac on an assault cruiser, despite the name, is a joke!
If you don't like the hit and run tactics required with an escort, then you have two alternatives:
Excelsior or Dreadnought.
The first allows more offensive abilities thanks to the LtC Boff, it has a good turn rate and can tank relatively well, the second with the cloak, the spinal lancer and the possibility to mount the heavy cannons is perfect for attacking by surprise the kli carriers, and it also tanks better with a double epts3.
No need to repeat the good advices about the build that the best PvPers in the world who write in the PvP forum (I am not among them!) have given to you, but my warning is the following:
never face the battle alone if you have the Excelsior, you have no hope if you will be surrounded by fast bops with the new (toy) consoles, and remain always cloaked and only strike at the right time with the Dreadnought.
Good luck out there and kill the bad guys (the KDF!)