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01-10-2012, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by Acidrain View Post
If you gain nothing PvP, what is the point? So many games of the past have used that and it is was very very popular and this poor mans PvP is a complete joke. There is no reason for anyone to learn PvP, because their no risk.
I'm not sure I get your objection to moving PvP Foundry map creation to the top of the priority list. I gave an example of user generated map from an old game which people still play because it's fun.

Also, I didn't mean Foundry mission PvP map creation as a PvP end game, but as a way to bridge the gap for more indepth PvP as well as being able to stand on its own once a more indepth and likely time consuming PvP gameplay is put into the game.