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01-10-2012, 01:29 PM
Captain's Log StarDate xxxxxxxx

During a routine patrol in the Orellius sector, we were ambushed and attacked by a group of Breen raiders. We managed to fight them off but we lost our Communications array and Port Nacelle in the battle.

Chief Engineer Zhang informs me that we will need at least 3 weeks in Space Dock before we can restore warp power and at impulse speeds we are predicting 3 weeks before we can reach the nearest starbase.

Energy reserves are low and we have had to implement replicator rations to insure that we can last until we reach starbase. The crew has performed admirably and are handling the entire situation like true StarFleet Officers. Special Mention to first officer Konom, he has kept the crew busy enough that they cannot focus on hunger.
Science Officer Nimi has a plan to deploy a makeshift solar sail to try and increase our energy reserves.
I am concerned that we may be attacked again. I have launched several probes broadcasting a general distress call but we are the only starship scheduled to be in this sector. We have a run-about in our shuttle bay, but if I send it out to try and get help, we will be defenseless if the Breen decide to show up again.
Captain’s Log Stardate yyyyyyy
The Breen came back to try and finish them off. It is a good thing I kept the run-about in reserve as we were able to drive them off and only sustain minimal additional damage. Phasers are down, but we have still have quantum torpedoes. The run-about took some damage and is no longer capable of warp travel, so the option of sending it for help is out of the question.
Sensors have detected a large power output from a moon in a nearby uncharted system. I am assembling a team to take the run-about and see if the residents are able to provide any assistance.
Captain’s Log Stardate zzzzzz
It has been three days since the away team has been gone. With no communications it is impossible to know if they have been able to find help or if they are even still alive. The most we can do is continue on and hope for the best.
There have been no additional signs of the Breen and I think we have shaken them. I hope so anyway – one more battle will deplete our energy reserves and we will not make it back to Starbase.
Excerpt from the LightBlade’s Bridge Security Logs StarDate aaaaaaaaa
Lt. Cmdr Iliana: “Captain, I am picking up several warp signatures heading our way. Sensors are not functioning well enough to determine what type of ships they are.”
Lt. Cmdr Pirayr: “The Breen may be returning.”
Vice Admiral Palermo: “Shield’s Up! Load Quantum Torpedoes. Zhang – get down to engineering and see what you can squeeze out of these impulse engines for me.”
Zhang: “On my way sir!”
Vice Admiral Palermo: “Iliana, put the signatures on the screen - let’s see what we are up against.”
Four Breen warships appear on the view screen, heading towards the LightBlade.
Vice Admiral Palermo: “Pirayr – target the lead ship and prepare to fire all available weapons.”
Iliana: “ Sir- I am reading 6 more warp signatures approaching. There is no way we can hold off 10 ships!”
Vice Admiral Palermo: “Set a course that will put us right in the middle of the 4 ships ahead. Maybe we can get close enough that they cannot target us effectively.”
Iliana: “Sir – the 6 signatures are Federation Starships! Cmdr Ojpen must have gotten help! I read the run-about is there as well! The Breen are warping away sir!”