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01-10-2012, 01:54 PM
Captains Log, supplemental:

While on routine patrol in Deferi space, the Epyon was attacked by Breen vessels. Unable to shake the vessels as a whole, I ordered the crew evacuate to the saucer section, and further ordered the activation of multi vector assault mode, with the intention of sacrificing the beta and gamma vectors if necessary.

Fortunately my bridge crew were able to fend off the breen vessels remotely long enough for all vectors to escape, and I ordered that each vector would maintain a close but distinct course until we had enough distance to safely stop for damage assessment and re-integration.

"Computer, Halt recording."

Amuro Ray,Tapping the combadge: "Amuro to Nuzuri, what is the status of vector beta?"
Nuzuri: "Captain, beta is in critical condition. The EPS conduits are in ruins, and we won't be able to make field repairs. I would advise against re-integrating with the vector in its current condition."
Amuro: "Very well, have your teams repair what they can over there and await further instructions. Try to shore her up for possible re-integration. Ray out."

I stepped out to the bridge, "Zazhid, damage report for vector Alpha."

Zazhid: " Main power offline; weapons disabled; shield disabled; replicators offline; deflector offline; hull breaches on decks 4, 5, 7. Main computer offline. Backup power is holding. lower nacelle critical, upper nacelle destroyed."
Ray: "Damn, if Gamma is less than peachy we are pretty much stuck here. Open a channel."

Eibeist: "Eibeist to Alpha; Gamma vector is in poor condition."
Amuro: "Eibeist, tell me what you know."
Eibeist: "The warp core has been shut down to prevent breach. Replicators offline; Life support minimal. Structural integrity is 60%, the starboard nacelle has been destroyed, and the port nacelle has fused coils."
Amuro: "Damn... okay, Eibeist, order your repair crews to make repairs, focus on re-integration. I want you to beam back here, we need to discuss strategy. Amuro to Nuzuri, have teams focus of making re-integration possible and beam back, I'm calling a senior staff meeting."

*Later, in the ward room*

Amuro:" So lets get this straight, across the vectors, we have all we need to haul ouselves back to spacedock, but the way its spread out, we effectively have no warp drive?"
Nuzuri: " I'm afraid so... We'll be lucky to get impulse power up and running again, provided we can successfully re-integrate the vectors."
Amuro: "Drive issues aside, we also have a potential failure of long range comms, otherwise we'd have a tow already, heh. What is the status of replicators? As we are going to be out here for weeks more than we're meant to be."
Jelun: "Replicators are offline across the ship, but there is enough in the pantry to last a week, but Six believes she can get the replicators back online, but we'd have to enact rationing to prevent an overload, as the EPS conduits are barely holding together."
Amuro: "Right, First, lets get this ship back in 'one' piece, get underway, then deal with the supplies. I'll break it to the crew when we get underway. Dismissed."

*1 hour later*

Amuro: "Open a channel throughout the ship."
Zazhid: "Channel open."
Amuro: "All hands, this is Ray. We are about to perform a risky remote re-integration of the ship, brace for hard impacts. Unfortunately, I am forced to order the enforcement of rationing protocols due to EPS damage. Jelun will be taking up full-time chef duties while the replicators are offline, so we'll be having a burns supper this evening, and taking suggestions on the future menu which has not been set as of yet. With any luck, we'll make it back to spacedock in a little under 67 days.
Ray out."
*Channel closed*

Amuro: "I'll be in my ready room, let me know if anything changes from our predictions. You have the bridge, number one."
Zazhid: "Yes, sir."

So I sit down in my chair, reflecting on the events of the day
" Computer, begin recording."

Captain's log, supplemental.

The Epyon has been thoroughly trounced, and we are now undergoing reformation to be able to return to spacedock 'intact'. This should provide a good tale for the family, and a setback for my career. I never wanna see a transfer order to a desk assignme--

"Pause recording. Report!"

Zazhid: "Captain, gamma vector failed to re-integrate. She has just exploded!"

Amuro: "Crap!! If you need me, I'll be in engineering."
Zazhid: "Sir?"
Amuro: "I may wear red, but I'm still a damn good engineer! Now, leave me be, an' git oan wi' command while I'm doon there!"
Zazhid: "Yessir"
*under breath* "why does he descend to that accent when hes frustrated? Human Scotsmen are strange..."