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01-10-2012, 02:17 PM
"Warning: Internal Chronometer offline. Stardate unavailable."

Captain's Log, Defera Front

I must commend those on the ship who fought valiantly in the latest skirmish with the Breen. The sacrifice of the twelve officers we have lost will not go unnoticed, will not be ignored. At this time, we must attend to the living. I wish the news were better.

The loss of our port nacelle caused a power surge the likes of which I have never seen in all my years aboard a starship. The resulting damage destroyed the galley on board as well as the circuitry controlling all replicators, even those in the crew quarters. To make things worse, the emergency supply of foods in Cargo Bay 2 was lost in a hull breach. At 08:00 hours this morning, I made a formal announcement to the crew to break out the emergency rations, which we will take count of and distribute accordingly. There can be no hoarding. It is times like these, times of peril, that we are our most human. We must act together to survive.

A meal plan has been created by the officers in charge of the galley. Normally the crew would eat at their designated off times unless following another plan for dietary concerns. However, at this time the crew has taken a consensus vote to eat at 09:30 and 19:30 hours to help ration the food. Those with aforementioned dietary requirements will have to be supplemented by vitamins provided by the Medical Bay.

At this time we have no indication that Deferi supply ships will be crossing this region of Orellius nor any Federation Starships. With the starboard impulse manifold in need of repair, Helmsman Ward expects that it will take approximately five weeks to return to Deep Space Nine. With no form of communication we have set our course and are preparing to face whatever awaits us on our journey.

We only have two functional torpedo bays, both aft, leaving a wide blind-spot on this nigh maneuverable vessel. The three forward phaser arrays left are only operating at forty percent efficiency. Tactical Officer McConnell believes if we take two offline we may be able to use the power to overload one of the beam arrays, bringing it to one-hundred twenty percent. However, others believe that targeting using three beam arrays to fire simultaneously will allow us to do greater damage if enemy vessels choose to attack. A meeting for that subject is scheduled at 14:00 hours.

I can only expect the unexpected at this point, but hope for the best.

End Log

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