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# 6 My Story
01-10-2012, 03:09 PM
Captains Log, encrypted authorisation Song Zeta 491

We have suffered tremendous damage to our ship during a Breen incursion, and with limited supplies on board, I must now enact certain measures I would not normally ask of my crew. The damage is irreparable in this part of space. I have plotted a course back to Starbase 5 at our current speed we should return within 19 days, in all my service i never been in this bad of a situation and now I must inform the crew. - Admiral Song, U.S.S. Traveller

"End Recording". Song enters the bridge. “Computer open all internal channels”

“Channels Open”

“Captain Song to all crew members. It is with much sadness that I must inform you of our current situation. I feel your worry, your fear, and your pain but please do not give up hope. We still have power, and we still have the impulse drive online. Yes, it may take us longer to get home than planed, but, we will get there, and we will be stronger for it. External communication is down but we are working on a plan. We are also regrettably having to initiate room sharing to conserve power, speak to the duty officers if……….. if you have preferences but after today we will … assign anyone who………. who has not volunteered……….. Do not….. give up hope……. we will soon be home…… Captain out.”

Sivak, Song’s first officer, approached her “River……Admiral, are you hurt?”

“No old friend, it’s the crew, their pain and fear, it just got too much. I am ok now. The Borg implants are helping me to adapt.”

“I wish you did not under go that procedure, it was illogical you did not need it to help Six.”

“It was my decision and most of my other officers stood by me, I no you do not understand my kinds need for emotion and the order I feel through the Borg implants; but at times like this it helps me more than any Vulcan training could.”

“Very well captain. I may have a plan for our communication problem. If we were to modify a communication probe and launch it on a parallel course to our own, set to transmit on all federation frequencies, we could monitor them with a small shuttle craft.”

“We do not have the power to mask the shuttle or fight off another attack should anyone attack the shuttle. I have launched a distress beacon encrypted with my own Admiral Security codes so that only Starfleet should be able to locate us. Our first priority is to get the deflector back up to full power and so we can maintain the structural integrity and then transfer the battery power to the remaining nacelle, we may be able to establish a small warp field.”

At which Six approaches, “Captain if I may. The deflector should be operational within 48 hours, however, the sensors indicate that the aft cover plate has been damaged and we are slowly leaking antimatter from the warp core. I have activated an emergency shield to prevent any more loss from the warp core. I have locked it in place with Borg algorithms so they can not be removed, however, I do not know how long we can maintain a level 10 structural shield at these power levels.”

“Very well get the deflector back online and use any able crewmen, and, Sivak ... have science teams working on the shields, the weapons systems will have to wait. We will be in federation space within 5 days providing we can reach maximum impulse by tomorrow 0900 hours. You have your orders. Dismissed.”

The bridge officers leave.

River returns to her desk in her ready room. “Computer, open a channel to all crewmen.”

“Channel open.”

"At this time, we are going to have to initiate emergency rations as soon as we start to get more systems online we will be able to sort out a more amicable solution, however, for the time I ask that you pull together and help your fellow crewmembers in their tasks. I thank you for you valiant service during the battle and again do not give up hope when we reach the federation boarder we may even find another ship waiting to tow us home.”