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01-10-2012, 05:26 PM
This will be counter-intuitive, but consider equipping some pistols on yourself and your boffs, especially in Skirmish. Pistols seem to have higher rates of fire, and some of them have secondary DPS that's superior to that of many rifles at the same Mark level. Rates of fire on some rifles are cripplingly slow, especially in the boss battles; I strongly suggest not using any kind of sniper rifle.

Definitely carry hypos and give some to your boffs. And recheck everyone's supply before you get to the boss battles.

If you have an Aenar boff, consider taking them with you. The Project Image power is tremendously useful in drawing aggro away from you and your boffs. I've seen mobs bypass me in order to get to the projected image, even when I was tearing them up with weapons fire.