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Captain's Log, Stardate 89628.11
Starfleet Inteligence encryption protocol 2365 series 2

SI Mission Summary: Preemptive strike on Breen staging area prior to Starfleet/Deferi joint strike.

Fleet Admiral De'Liah, commander Lost Fleet of the Valkyrie, commanding USS Ta-Sardar-Gor

Our attack was a success, the Breen were caught unaware by our attack and are sufficiently scattered and confused to ensure the main task force will completely destroy them.

Unfortunately the cost was too high. Our raid complete, my ships dispersed, warping out to predetermined vectors. My ship warped into a trap. Three Chel Gret cruisers were waiting in ambush and attacked as soon as we came out of warp. Their attack was relentless, our shields wilted in the onslaught and I was forced to activate our ablative armor. We fought off the ambush, destroying two of the ships before our port nacelle was destroyed and our armor generators failed. We took refuge in a nearby nebula, jettisoning debris to simulate our destruction. With the debris we launched shuttles, powered down. When the Breen closed to investigate the shuttles powered up and launched every weapon they had. The Breen ship was caught by surprise and was disabled. We were Victorious!

The damage to the ship is extensive. The warp core was severely damaged and is shut down. Long range communication is also destroyed. I have secured all non essential ship's operations until a department head meeting is held to determine our next course of action.

Suplimental Entry:
Physical Discipline was necessary to maintain order in the meeting. One of my officers became hysterical and verbal orders became ineffective. Our situation is grim. My engineer reports propulsion is limited to 1/2 impulse and power generation is extremely limited. I have limited replicator use to freshwater production only. Use of fresh water is to be used for crew rationing and the arboretum/hydroponics labs. The Arboretum is to be utilized for oxygen production and the Hydroponics lab is to be used to produce food. The head of the Hydroponics lab has produced an edible algae paste capable of sustaining most of the crew. We have set course for DS9, at 1/2 impulse we will arrive in five weeks.

Suplimental Entry:
I cannot digest this revolting paste! I cannot even taste it without feeling an overwhelming need to vomit! I am far from the only member of the crew to experience this. Those of us with a carnivorous background will not survive on this diet for long.

Suplimental Entry:
With the aid of my first officer I have come to a solution. Within a few days travel there is an uninhabited class M planet, we have changed course for it now. There I will assign hunting and gathering parties to forage for supplies. We will stock up for as long as it takes to make for the next planet in our path. I am anticipating this greatly. It has been many years since I have hunted outside the Holodeck. My blood surges at the though of stalking prey, to feel that rush again, to feel Klingon again, to run free and wild!

Captain's Log, Stardate 89629.33
The foraging missions were successful. We took on a great deal of supplies, water, meat and an array of vegetation for the plant eaters. Out outlook is improved but still troubling. We have a great deal of space to cover before we return to DS9. I have heard some of my crew comparing our situation to that of the USS Voyager, a natural comparison as the Ta-Sardar-Gor is based on the Intrepid design. I will look into the historical files of the Voyager. Perhaps her Captain has some wisdom that may be of value here. I also recall her Cheif Engineer was half Klingon. So few of us has served in Starfleet, maybe I may find some kinship with her.