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01-10-2012, 11:20 PM
Captainís Log, Stardate 85692.3: I thought this assignment was pointless. When Admiral Quinn ordered the Traverse to patrol the Orellius Sector Block I protested. The Borg are the primary threat, not the Breen, but the Admiral insisted that the presence of a Venture class starship would show them how serious the Federation is about defending out new Deferi friends. It seems that wasnít enough.

Our patrol had taken us to the middle of the Raveh Sector when we picked up a distress signal from a Deferi freighter. Of course we altered the ships heading to intercept. We arrived just in time to see the freighter explode under Breen weapons fire. My science officer detected Deferi life signs on the Breen ship so in wanting to preserve as much life as possible I attempted to negotiate a deal with the Breen captain. I had forgotten how stubborn Breen captains can be. He insisted that the Deferi were guests on his ship, even forced one to attest to that claim, and then said heíd trade them for gold pressed latinum. Obviously we donít have latinum onboard so then offered the Deferi for 50 canisters of bio-mimetic gel, which was, of course, also impossible. My science officer managed to come up with a more unorthodox option. By remodulating the main deflector to emit a high frequency pulse we were able to scramble the Breenís sensor for a short time. We hoped it would be long enough to beam all the Deferi prisoners over. It wasnít.

The Deferi were all beamed aboard, but before we could get our shields back up the Breen managed to get their sensors back online and fire on us. Their first salvo disabled our warp drive before we could get our shield back up. We were able to fight the Breen ship off, but he had backup. Four additional ships were apparently hiding in the Kelvani Belt. We managed to destroy all four ships, but Traverse took a heavy beating. Main power is offline. We donít have weapons or shields to defend us if the Breen come back. The ship took major structural damage, there are hull breaches on eighteen decks, and the port nacelle was completely blown off its pylon. Worst of all, the communications array was destroyed in the battle. With no warp drive, no communications, and only emergency power weíre essentially stranded. Our next check-in with Starfleet isnít for a week, its going to take us months just to get to the nearest inhabited system without warp drive, and emergency power will only last another six days at our current rate of power consumption.

Iíve ordered the ship into grey mode. Non-essential areas of the ship have been evacuated and shut down. Areas where the hull has been breached have also been evacuated. Rationing of replicator usage is in effect. The crewís efforts are currently focused on reconstructing the communications array with components from the comm. systems on our shuttles, but the odds of that working are looking slim, shuttle parts just arenít designed to handle the amount of power used on a starship this large. I am still considering another course of action however. My chief engineer informed me that though weíll never get warp drive back on our own; there is enough power to get us very close to light speed with starboard nacelle and to power enough stasis chambers for the entire crew. The obvious problem with that is that with us accelerating so close to the speed of light without breaking the warp barrier relativity starts to take effect. We could make our way to Defera in five days, at least, five days for us. Years would pass by for the rest of the universe. Support for this option was surprisingly high among the crew.

Our calculations predict that the trip would take just over three years to get to Defera at just under the speed of light outside the ship. Thatís a long time, but not terribly so. A lot can change in three years. We could arrive to find the war with the Klingons is over and that the Borg have been repelled from Federation space. Then again, we could also arrive to an assimilated Defera. Sensors wonít be able to get through the relativistic effects, so there will be no way of telling whatís going on in the galaxy during transit. Iíve decided to put it to a vote among the crew and out Deferi guests. Do we spend three years safe close to light speed with everyone but the senior staff and me in stasis, or do we keep trying to get communications back online before our six days of emergency power run out? The crew will decide.

End log.