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01-11-2012, 12:06 AM
Let me start of by showing you this: My Kar'Fi going Borg Hunting

The Kar'Fi will never be anywhere NEAR as turnable as a BoP but it does not NEED to be. Between the science skills and your Frigates of Doom you do not need to stay focused on a foe. If you need to slow them down just Gravity Well or Tractor Beam them. This carrier does turn a lot better than the Vo'Quv and is rather vicious with either beams or single cannons and turrets. It can deal some significant damage and keep itself all but immune to retaliation.

Also if you use the Frigates they hit the enemy with Aceton Beam making incoming fire from them weak and burning their hull and they poop out Tricobalt Mines which is just vicious beyond belief.

A BoP is nimble, stealthy, and hit-and-run. The Kar'Fi experience is totally different. It is Big, Ominous, Terrifying, Slow, Tanky, and very Stay and Annihilate. I have to say it FEELS great flying one. You feel like such a Bad A** when you sweep into an engagement with one of these things. You get a certain air of invincibility and dominance when you come with one of these. You just KNOW your enemies fear you and your allies rejoice at seeing the power you are bringing to the field.