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01-11-2012, 02:13 AM
Originally Posted by Capt_wirge
Nvidia 9800 GTX 2gig DDR5
4gig DDR3
I5 2310 3.1 GHz
Win 7 Ult.

also GTX is not the series name for the 9800 she falls in the Nvidia Geforce 9 series. Are you telling me a card made on April 1 2008 isn't compatible with the game??? if that is the case it is Cryptic's issue, they would either have to get with the manufactures or make an update to address these issues.
He means any GTX cards in the 500 range.
@marca4500 Core i5 is faster than a Core 2 Duo, so your statement 'Slow loading can be the couse of the CPU' sort of cancels its self out. I run the game on a Core i7, and it IS a hell of a lot faster than my Core 2 Duo laptop

To everyone: Disable on-demand patching, it does speed up loading, since no files need to be downloaded. If you use Xfire, make sure its fully closed, it runs havoc with STO, including loading and graphical problems.