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01-11-2012, 01:40 AM
It's interesting to see the similiarities between missions that are used for the same contest. Final Judgement and Victory is Q employ similar elements. In that you both have the Jem'hadar ship as the macguffin and the plot continues on from there as "the one d*mn thing after another".

Both in some way use undine, and both have their humour. (Less obvious in Final Judgement but still it's there :p)

Then compare mine and sori's mission More Than Just Missing and the KDF The Fires of Prometheus.

Both bring in a bajoran NPc, both are more tied to the lore of the Jem'hadar ships, both involve fighting along side the Jem'hadar ship, both involve science/engineering feats (via interacts) and both have space/ground combat.

Yet every single story is different and unique. This for me is one of the great things about the foundry are the many different approaches that we take. We all had the same brief to do a story based on finding/capturing an Abandoned Jem'hadar ship. Something we've all done and yet all are very different stories.

Admiral Murphy is a comical Jaunt with the Q being Q. Leviathan99 is essentially a police prodcedural except you get to bash up and kill the real purpertrators (aka the Undine). Sori's is a plea for more KDF content - Klingons are smart. and mine is an alternate universe story.

I'd hate to be the podcastugc crew and try to weigh up these completely different styles of missions but in any case I think the foundry now has 4 new great missions for people to enjoy.