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01-11-2012, 02:58 AM
Another daily mission would be one of them diplomacy missions that you could just do the once before and that was it but a repeatable one would be cool. I did like the bajor one.

Another daily mission would be a random mission something like a random trade mission like at X talk to B pickup C take to X deliver to Y. So the letters could be random places and npcs and items so the mission changes all the time and with it being generic enough it will get ppl to do somit and somit different each time. Plus make it so you discover the mission and not have it show up as a typical mission so it has a certain "discovery" element about it. So to do the mission you would have to actually be talking to a npc to get it and you would never know who was giving the mission as it changes all the time and you couldnt just open ur "available" missions tab and see it and know where to go and what it entails.

Would be a great feature to add imo as a random chance encounter mission that changes and is never the same well except that you do Y which is probably trade something but if the tech can randomise it from a tradable good then cool. Needs a decent reward for discovering the mission and doing the mission successfully tho as even tho the mission could be easy as simple trade the finding of it is probably going to be tricky as you would never know where it is or which npc is giving it out. Hmm maybe a channel would be setup like red alert channel so players can share where they spotted the npc mission giver and maybe have the npc mission giver change per hour? Would be a nice daily imo and very trek. Also with this idea you could maybe do ground version and a space version and also other opportunity like instead of trading you could assist ppl with tasks. Start basic and work to add more variables over time to flesh the random chance random location mission?

One other idea struck me. Rescue a random ship from a nebula daily? Like something from generations where they rescue the El-Aurian refugees. Possibly non combat usage of the tractor beam or something too, could even maybe have a ds9 wormhole rescue mission out of it?