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01-11-2012, 03:29 AM
Originally Posted by amidoinitright View Post
with only 2 engi consoles & a lt Engineer boff, this ship HAS to shield tank. it doesn't hull tank. In PVP this ship is very susceptible to subnukes !
I recommend that you carry a Sci team to help you recover from them. When fighting Borg with the shield neutralizers, a hazard emitter is essential.
Fly this ship like it's a beamscort , & you'll do just fine.
It does indeed Shield Tank more than Hull Tank though with a few specific toys and its own personal console it can even Hull Tank for a bit. I would agree in PvP though Sub Nuke is your worst enemy... Not that this is soooo different from practically any other ship if you really think about it. However, its personal console prevents it from even being targetable. It is great to use the console in combination with SS on Sci Captains and get them to Sub Nuke your Frigates or their own Friends if you are lucky. I would also highly recommend being either a Science Captain or a Tactical Captain for this beast because while an Engineer CAN keep it alive longer it does not usually need the help that much.