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01-11-2012, 04:22 AM
When I've hit spots where I really want to use a full name, I do it like this: "[Rank] [Lastname], [Firstname]," .

Way I figure it, to a captain with one name it's just like the dialog speaker knows that, and is just cutting back to a shorter form of it. To a first and last name it's the same thing, but the speaker is dropping to casual or announcing the first name, and for Bajorins and anyone else with Last name first, they get to feel special. Not perfect, but it's not like you would use it everywhere.

Although, I'm loving the Nickname button, but a [FullNameBio] button or something to take that first full name line of a captain's chosen Bio name (with format of last first or first last) would be sooo much of a headache remover if you want to use a full name.