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01-11-2012, 04:45 AM
Found some rare DO missions the other day, called “Asylum on [planet xx]” and they take just 1 refugee and swap it for a seemly random DO of Green/Blue/Purple quality, depending on the outcome.

Just a quick warning to all, the missions are bugged all to hell and back right now…so be warned.

I did 4 of them and this is what I got:
“Asylum on Tellar Prime”, I used a common on this one just to try it out and I got a Blue doctor named ‘Kapba”. Because of this nice outcome I then used my last common and brought 2 uncommon off the exchange for the next 3 missions.
“Asylum on Saurian Homeworld”, stated that I was to get a Purple named “Illogcu” but it dropped a white common instead.
“Asylum on Earth”, again, it stated a purple and again it dropped a white common.
“Asylum on Valcan”, said I was to get a blue DO and yet again, I get a white one.
I submitted some tickets on this, but after the last customer service experience, I have no expectations that it will get fixed at all or that it will even get read by a person and not just a bot.

I would very much like to hear if anyone gets wrong drops on this mission too.