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01-11-2012, 06:14 AM
Those missions are not working properly and the next patch should fix them. You can possibly hold onto them and get the specified reward when the patch goes live. Seems their patching it on Tribble today and I don't know when for Holo. There will not be any retroactive rewards so its best to just not turn in the mision when its completed.

I have heard that sometimes it says Blue reward and you get green, also sometimes it says white and you get a purple seems to be very random the reward at the moment the most likely outcome is white. Everyone who' doing Asylum mission is waiting for it to get fixed.

Originally Posted by Kodell View Post
Found some rare DO missions the other day, called “Asylum on [planet xx]” and they take just 1 refugee and swap it for a seemly random DO of Green/Blue/Purple quality, depending on the outcome.

Just a quick warning to all, the missions are bugged all to hell and back right now…so be warned.

I did 4 of them and this is what I got:
“Asylum on Tellar Prime”, I used a common on this one just to try it out and I got a Blue doctor named ‘Kapba”. Because of this nice outcome I then used my last common and brought 2 uncommon off the exchange for the next 3 missions.
“Asylum on Saurian Homeworld”, stated that I was to get a Purple named “Illogcu” but it dropped a white common instead.
“Asylum on Earth”, again, it stated a purple and again it dropped a white common.
“Asylum on Valcan”, said I was to get a blue DO and yet again, I get a white one.
I submitted some tickets on this, but after the last customer service experience, I have no expectations that it will get fixed at all or that it will even get read by a person and not just a bot.

I would very much like to hear if anyone gets wrong drops on this mission too.