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Originally Posted by Starwrath
Damn bad luck, a teetotal klingun...hoping he's the only one...
It is the Rihannsu that you need to worry about who

1) have a physiology that metabolizes alcohol at a much higher rate than the weak Terran race
2) will wait patiently for 32 hours in the same way a human would say "I'll be back in a quick minute"
3) whose only emotionality will be to make the slightest smirk when it is obvious they have psychologically defeated their opponent.
4) who will **** **** *** ******* **** * ******* ****** * *****, furthermore as regards to the 2nd tactic ** **** *** ******** ****** ** ***** ***** **** ******!

Yours in Victory through Plasma,

[Tal'Shiar had edited this communiqué to be within the constraints of Directive 43-Zeta]