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01-11-2012, 07:38 AM
Thanks everyone for the great advice. The temptation proved too much and I got one but swiftly removed the console it came equiped with - didn't see the upside of the ship being a floating target for 10 seconds. But am in geek overdrive with how awesome this ship looks and handles, especially with the retro Borg set. For some reason the Kar'Fi reminds me of a spinefish with those redundant struts towards the front. Utterly cool.

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I have been flying the Kar-Fi since it first came out. I love it. It is a hard ship to find an effective build for. Correctly built, it is the ultimate DPS cruiser. Don't use cannons, I've tried every possible weapon combo on it, & i've found a build that rocks, & I do pretty well with it.

My build
This build hits HARD.
WHOA! Just tried that build and resulted in some utterly sweet Borg pwnage. Uber-DPS, thank you SO much. I've been looking for a build like this for a while now. Serious kudos for finding it.