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01-11-2012, 08:53 AM
Originally Posted by Owen.Montgomery View Post
Because all the *hardcore* Klingon PvP players with their shiny CSTORE ships and consoles like to Que up for FvK arena and continually wipe the floor with the returning F2P casual Federation players. Winning 15-0 with the occasional spawn camp is MUCH more fun than playing an even match!
My shiny new consoles didn't help the two pugs I ran Arena in the other night. Maybe mine are broken as we lost twice 15-0 and only did well in the CnH arena's due to better tactics.

Originally Posted by rlaffargue
Most of those klingon players that mop the floor in FvK are the same ones that hop into their fed ships when the FvK queues are dead and still end up mopping that floor. Food for thought
Very true. Nothing replaces experience and knowledge which the F2Pers will not have untilt hey get thier lumps, ask questions and play enough to learn the ins and outs of PvP.