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01-11-2012, 09:19 AM
Originally Posted by Cruis.In View Post
your vessel cant have much skewing of certain numbers, the bonuses granted per skill point are the numbers to look at, their effect on your ship are the numbers not to look at. but the bonus in power to a system for example with engnie performance with 6 points as opposed to 9, will be accurate.

did you put the points in and check your stats in real time? or did u have to do this on tribble


thats gotta be a bug, putting points in the spec skill says it gives you a higher crit chance and crit severity, but not based on that.
All done on tribble thanks to 10cpoint respects and I ignored those power levels boosted inherently by the ship class (BoP +15 weapons), equipped the vessel with only white mk10 shields, engines and deflectors, had no other consoles on it at all (left them empty).
I would respec to test only a few skills at a time first at 0, then 3 , then 6 and 9 points, gauging the difference in each using the what info the UI's would show me.