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# 1 Hazzard ahead
01-11-2012, 11:14 AM
Back after leaving mid-2010 (not due to the game, life interfered, then I just never got around to coming back.)

VERY happy to be back, enjoying the game immensely again.

Yeah, it's still got a couple of things I don't like, like lack of true 3D movement (I know the arguments and accept them...I'd just rather have full control.), but I LOVE many of the changes they've made:

Skill system MUCH simpler, and more intuitive.

Economy much simpler, and it doesn't look like I'll lose out on much if I don't actively seek dilithium.

Doffs had me worried until I figured out I could slot the ones I want as additions to my ship, and the assignments were purely optional extras I could take or leave. (I'm not a min-maxer.)

"Disable Astrometrics" made me actually say "Yay" out loud.

And the overall graphics enhancement is freakin' awesome!

I had to create a temporary new character to refresh my skills, though. Jumping into the command chair at high levels is TOUGH after a year-and-half away.

Glad to be back, and a "Hi!" to anyone who remembers me!


PS: so now we have Boffs and Doffs. Does that make us Coffs? ("Command Officers"?)