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01-11-2012, 11:24 AM
AMS is only an inconvience now becuase it has a proper counter to it. If one does not have that counter then it is still very discouraging to be hit by it.

energy syphons = energy siphon the skill
tachyon drones = tachyon beam = Beam target shields
theta-radiation = Eject warp plasma without the damage + perception debuff + small crew damage
aceton assimilators = aceton beam/field + crew damage(??) + energy siphon
bio-neural trics = Tricobalt torpedo + Point defense system
graviton pulse = Tractor beam + small chance Beam target Engines

Some of these may need a looksie since being skilled in thier use and having the right equipment can boost them to very high stats, but almost all of them can be replicated by use of multiple pre-existing abilities and countered by the pre-existing abilities.

Most klinks prefer to fight ourselves and rival houses in N'vok then do the KvK ques, which take too long to pop.