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01-11-2012, 01:02 PM
I used to run a tricobalt mine in the rear but switched it to a turret because I simply never had the opportunity to drop it in an effective area. I don't find myself within 3kms of a target a whole lot, and to get there means I have to sacrifice positioning for my front cannons. As a result, most of the time the mine launcher was idling, so I changed it for something that gets used (dealing damage) more often.

I did a little tweaking to my setup w.r.t. BOFFs. Basically I took out APDelta2 and APOmega3 and changed them for Beta1 and Beta2. The delta skill I wan't really using effectively, and I kept having positioning problems with APOmega due to the increased speed. With dual betas, I can almost constantly apply a beta debuff to the target, which helps the entire team's damage.

Right now I run:
TSpr1, TSPr2, CRF2, CSV3
EPTS1, RSP1 (2?)

With this setup I have 2 "banks" of 4 skills that operate on shared cooldowns. Tac Team 1 (x2), Torp Spread 1/2, CRF2/CSV3, and APB1/2. So I activate one of each in a sequence, then 15 secs later I activate the other set. It's pretty dead easy to operate. Just press Crtl 1, 2, 3, 4- then 15 later hit Ctrl 5, 6, 7, 8 . EPTS1 and RSP2 are for healing my shields when they get low, HE2 is for hull heals, and RHP1 is to allow me to maneuver if I'm rooted by a tractor beam. I do die sometimes, but can tank pretty effectively at least on normal. (also combine some of my innate sci powers like science team 2 and also the subspace device from the Devidian missions)

P.S. why do people run neutroniums for their engineering slots? I would imagine that in the STFs you would want electroceramics for the high plasma resist? The neutroniums seem useful as a catch-all for general PvE, but if running an STF where you solely fight borg, don't you want as high of plasma resist as possible?