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01-11-2012, 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Your text to the EP's ear...

My fingers are like iron pistons from all the key spamming I've had to do just to get that one power I want to activate.
The issue may lie in the activation times overlapping when one strikes keys to fast. I have noticed that if I strike key A then quickly move to key B without giving time for key As power fully to activate then activate key B power will put key A back into being unpunched and I have to go back and hit it again.
This, plus I have also noticed that a weapon firing cycle will frequently cause this if you activate the power before the final shot is fired in the cycle. I'm guessing that the UI counts that as a "power" going off and halts the one you just tried to activate... Similar to when you try to target a teammate to heal, and the target immediately switches back to the bad guy because that 1 beam array in the rear wasn't done with its cycle before you press F2-5, causing your full aux HE and TSS to heal an already-healthy you.