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The city is accessible by either walking through the main gate or taking the transporter on the left side of the Holomap table. This is a good place to start to familiarize yourself with the structure of the Invasion Event.


Automated Aggression

Help the Deferi defense force by uploading software to their Phaser defense turrets. They're scattered all across the City area, the majority are close to the main gate of the Base Camp.
If the turret has a Deferi appearing to work on the turret, then it needs to be remodulated. If the turret has a Deferi standing and pointing defiantly at the Borg, it has already been remodulated. The turrets get adapted to 2 minutes after someone remodulates them.
Just upload the software through an interact, and when the turret remodulates the mission will +1. A total of 10 turrets must be remodulated to complete this mission.
Modus Operandi

Gain insight into what the Borg are planning by collecting Drone Cortical Arrays. Cortical Arrays will randomly drop from defeated drones. They don't interfere with other drops, so you'll get them in addition to any loot you may get during this mission. Collect 50 to complete this mission.


These are relatively easy compared to the other two Medium sets. You don't have to necessarily team with others, but it does help.

Locked In

Go door to door and evacuate any Deferi who are trapped in their homes. The Deferi homes are located at the center of the City area. Two Tactical Borg drones will be attempting to break down the door. Eliminate them and knock on the door. There occasionally will be no one home. Collect 15 civilians to complete this mission.
Peer Pressure

The Borg are attempting to assimilate the Deferi Civilians. Each victim will be surrounded by Drones attempting to assimilate them. You must eliminate all four to claim the Civilian. There's a progress bar that appears above the victim, you have until that bar completes to save the victim. If you fail, you will have to contend with the workers as well as the newly assimilated drone. You can eliminate three of the drones and push the last one far away to delay the timer, but it's difficult to pull off. Collect 15 civilians to complete this mission. (Everyone on the team will get credit as long as they're close when the drones are killed).


You must be in a team of at least 3 people for this mission to start.
Knowledge is Key

This has bugged for me and several other people numerous times, though I've seen people complete it. Basically you upload a virus, and interact with the spasming non-assimilated (no Borg components on them) Deferi. After that you'll have to do something with the partially assimilated Deferi. Finally, you'll have to kill all the fully-assimilated Deferi to complete. I believe this has a chance to drop the Borg Tactical Armature. I'll update this when I actually have a chance to complete this.