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01-11-2012, 03:29 PM
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Thanks. She's a bad mamajama =P
According to Dan Stahl, if you team with another VA and set them as Squad Leader, the ship's core stats will scale up to Tier 5. Granted, you'll still have fewer BO powers, but I bet you can cut those 10 minute battles in half.

If you wanted a TOS inspired fleet, the way to do it would be to have designated squad leaders in T5 Excelsiors who take fleets of Connies out to fight using the squad system, the ideal being the Exeter since it has the best base stats to boost. (In fact... I suspect +1/x.5 ships when boosted with the squad system might outpace actual T5 ships since the squad system is already supposed to give the basic ships a fighting chance. I'd be VERY curious but I have an inkling that, for example, the Sao Paulo might outpace a T5 Defiant in terms of base abilities when teamed up for squad play.)